Archaeological Analytics Founder: Acacia Berry 

Acacia Berry, Founder

In order to understand the past, you have to interact with it. This has been the inspiration behind 12 years of creative and analytical work that has incorporated imagery, interactive digs, lessons in methodology and analysis, and experimental archaeology. I have had the pleasure of honing my craft and working with a wide range of material culture for institutions such as the American Museum of Natural History, NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission and Museum of the City of New York.

The internet has become the premier source for accessing information about the past and cultural stewards should have absolute authorship in how their work is presented. I created Archaeological Analytics to give professionals a bigger voice on the web and in social media. Use our platforms to share visuals of your research, field sites, lab work and artifact preservation to create the most authentic and scientific digital content  for the world to see.

Summer 2017 Interns

Catherine Upton

Abdul Jones

Alex Gregory

JoEllen Marlor

Elicia Bates

Laura Waskiewicz