In order to understand the past, you have to interact with it. This has been the inspired by 12 years of creative and analytical work using imagery, hands-on activities and experiments with institutional collections. I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of material culture- from the storage shelves of the American Museum of Natural History to the deepest stratigraphic layers of prehistoric New York. Yet, the public cannot share the same experience I have had with our nation's material history.

Most stored collections are inaccessible to the community and too few museums have adopted digital databases. Those that have, however, are missing the mark with social media and search engine visibility beyond their brand.  I created Archaeological Analytics so that museums can transform their digital archived resources into visual, authoritative content for web and social queries.

- Acacia Berry, Founder

Archaeological Analytics Founder: Acacia Berry 

Acacia Berry

Founder & LEad Reseacher

tiffi westscott

Tiffi Westcott

Database Design