Who Are WE?

Archaeological Analytics is creating new platforms to promote professional and public outreach in American Archaeology. We've recently launched OPEN ARTIFACT, a community for professionals to publish photos of artifact collections. Open Artifact encourages our users to explore, share and compare open access images to help identify similar objects.

Collaborate with us

As we continue to build our reference database for Open Artifact, we are looking for students who can contribute their time to research topics related to material culture in American Archaeology. Preference is given to applicants in Anthropology, Archaeology, History and Decorative Arts programs.

Work Remotely

We fully embrace the use of social media, instant messaging and cloud sharing as forms of communication, however, the bulk of your research will need to take place your local research library. Prior to applying, please be sure that you have access and borrowing privileges for journal databases, archives, and inter-library loans.


Applicants must have a strong background in research, experience reading academic publications, light data entry and the ability to work independently. The Fall Program dates are from September through December 2017.  Applicants accepted into the program are required to attend our online orientation, followed by weekly one-on-one progress meeting.  Those who successfully complete the program will be given authorship for their contributions.



Questions? Email info@archaeologicalanalytics.com with INTERNSHIP in the subject line